Z2XC - The Revolutionary 4K360 video system at mini size


Z2XC Kit Set $599

You'll receive one package with two MKX-19 fisheye lens with 194 fov, a Z2XC Armor edition mount with stitching templates in PTGui and a preset file for Kolor AVP.

Bonus: buyer of this package shall also receive a new ZVR-lite foldable HMD viewer

Ships anywhere in the world

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Z2XC Complete Set $1599

You'll receive one package with two pre-modified Gopro Hero4 Black camera with MKX-19 fisheye lens pre-installed, a Z2XC mount with stitching templates in PTGui and a preset file for Kolor AVP. Camera accessories except batteries will also be included.

Ships anywhere in the world

Note: you shall need a wifi remote controller to sync the two gopro. Older hero3 remote works, and Hero4 remote is better. As lithium battery is troublesome when sending by air, we will not ship it with the package. Customers are advised to get it from local market.

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Take high quality 360 VR video in ever easier way!

Embrace this powerful game changer! Seamless 360 video can now be made with two mini lenses with option to have perfect shutter sync & color balance. Weight only 180g, the Z2XC can fit into many challenging scenario that are difficult to have good stitching result with other 360 systems. The output video resolution able to reach 4K, while output photo size at 5K.

When watching VR video with a HMD, any broken seams will be seen clearly with the magnifying glasses. By capturing with the 2X technique, there is only one seam line to care about and the rest of the image are free from stitching artifacts, which is essentially a huge time saver for 360 producer to make high quality immersive 360 VR video.

Feel the power of how easy the stitching process by trying yourself! You are welcomed to download our PTGui & APG sample projects to experience how to get full spherical 360 with just two camera:

Sample PTGui template for stitching Z2XC video frame: download here

What's in the pack?

This kit set includes everything you need to convert two of your gopro camera into a dual-lens 360 video system. Z2XC kit set shall come with two 194 fisheye lens(MKX-19), the Z2XC mount and stitching template in PTGui, VideoStitch & Kolor APG.

This is a sample video frame taken on a mini drone:

Z2X sample video frame

More sample photo:

Z2X sample photo

Fire fighting at Legoland

More 2X 360 sample video available at our channel on Littlstar.com

Close-ip 360 video


Disco in elevator!

Driving Private ship

Z2XC - the FAQ

Want to know more about the details of the Z2X system? Just feel free to contact us by email :)

1) What is the benefit of using Z2XC?

A: There are numerous benefits of using two lenses to capture the full spherical video:

Synchronization on multiple video camera has been a long nightmare for 360 video makers. Although software can help finding the most approximation of the sync points among the cameras, the random behaviour of the camera shutter made video stitching a very tough work. With the revolutionary super fisheye lens at 194 deg fov, we can take the full spherical environment with just two camera yet keeping the output at the highest resolution available, and we can use the official Gopro Dual Hero module to synchronize two hero3+ camera. No more hassle to locate the best sync points as the video sources were perfectly synced.

Parallax is another physical limitation of taking 360 video. With conventional 6 unmodified Gopro camera, objects have to be kept at 2 meters away from the camera or it shall be challenging to keep the output image from breaking. With our super fisheye lens with 194 deg fov, objects beyond as short as 0.4m can be stitched perfectly, enabling seamless 360 video in a narrow corridor for indoor real estate shooting, which is in high demand but impossible to do with traditional multi-camera devices.

Tiny size & light weight can be another huge benefit. It can be installed on smaller drone for higher portability with longer flight time, the tiny size make it easily blended into the scene without making much disturbance to the scene, especially useful for capturing live events.

2) How about POV360?

A: Immersive POV 360 can also be possible with the Z2XC system. With the super short working radius, producers can set the system at the chest or shoulder of the actors, and audience shall able to see at the very real first person perspective as if they were seeing what the actor seeing, without broken images everywhere.

3) Why Z2XC is useful for shooting Live streaming 360 for VR?

A: Live streaming 360 was used to be complex and costly as a server need to take 6 HDMI feeds and stitch them in real time before it can be transmitted over the network. With just 2 camera and pre-calibrated lenses, we can stream the dual video signal directly to the network, and render the seamless 360 video on-the-fly at the client side like with a smartphone app or desktop with Oculus Rift, without the need of an expensive realtime stitching workstation. With the cost reduction for more than 10 times, we shall expect live streaming 360 shall be more popular and serve the world better.

4) Which stitching software could be used?

A: we provide a stitching template made with PTGui & Kolor Autopano. Users can use the template for easier stitching once the video was synchronized. When the reference panorama was aligned, users can render the best stitching quality using PTGui via batch jobs, or done more quickly with VideoStitch or Kolor Autopano Video Pro.

5) Is it difficult to change the lens by myself?

A: Changing the lens is easy and require a little more technique than swapping light bulb. Changing the lens on hero4 is now getting easier these days. Please follow our tutorial here, or we can do it for you with our highly trained hands at a small fee.

6) Which Gopro model are compatible? Does it work with Gopro Hero4?

A: We designed the system for the Gopro hero series, can be used on Hero 3, Hero3+ and Hero4. Black editions are preferred.

7) What are the output resolutions of the Z2XC system?

A: Z2XC can get full spherical view covered by using the 4:3 video modes for capturing the full image circle.

- Usually with two 1440p input video, the size of output video is 2800x1400@30fps; The new 2.7k 4:3 mode on Hero4Black can make 4000x2000@30fps output with AVP;

- With Photo mode, the output resolution is slightly more than 5000x2500px.

8) How to display 360 on Oculus Rift, view on Internet and smartphones?

A: Currently there are many free players can play 3D360 media nicely on desktop such as VRplayer, Kolor Eyes player, and Totalcinema360. Select the media source as 2D spherical format and track with Oculus Rift DK2, users shall able to see the panoramic video with head tracking. Users can also view the 360 immersively on smartphone HMD adaptors like iZugar ZVR-lite, Google Cardboard or the Samsung Gear VR with 360 video playback apps, such as Kolor Eyes player (iOS/android) or VRplayer (android) or our new app. Users can still track the 360 and display them nicely with full screen without the HMD adapter.


9) Is it taking full spherical coverage?

Yes, it's full spherical. Thanks to the super wide coverage, the lens is seeing behind the camera and able to blend with each others. The zenith & nadir spot were captured nicely with Z2XC.

10) Is Z2XC compatible with the stereoscopic module by Gopro?

Yes, with an optical mount for Hero3+ Black, user can get perfect sync video by using with the stereo 3D module by Gopro. The mount have more space in between to accommodate the two modules, available upon request.